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Do you want to get back to sport, to move around enjoying the fresh air or to live intense moments of conviviality with your family and friends? In any case, buying a best mountain bikes under 500 is the best solution. Indeed, this type of equipment is a must, and the benefits it offers are particularly numerous. However, there are hundreds of bikes very different from each other, and finding the right one is not as obvious as it sounds.

To help you find a bike that is perfectly adapted to your needs, we wanted to make a lot of valuable information available to you, which will also have the advantage of facilitating your research. We will offer you several guides to buying on the bike , but also tests and reviews or even comparisons of the best bikes . After your visit, it is therefore likely that you know quickly which model is most in line with your requirements.

Why buy a bike? All the advantages of the bike!
By choosing to (re) ride a bike, you have to admit it, you make an excellent decision. Such sports equipment offers a number of benefits hardly believable. So that you know exactly what you can get by practicing such a physical activity, we wanted to list all the benefits of cycling , and as you can see, these are very far from trivial.

Cycling, your health partner!
As a first step, you know, cycling is one of the best ways to maintain an iron health. Indeed, this is a physical activity in its own right that requires the whole body, from the feet to hands through the thighs of course, the shoulders or abdominals for example, which makes it ideal to stay healthy . Little by little, by pedaling, you will strengthen your muscles and your joints. Your skin will be firmer, an ideal way to fight against cellulite or stretch marks without having to resort to chemicals with dubious effectiveness.

But cycling is also a great way to optimize the quality of your cardiovascular system . Indeed, your heart, under the stress of the effort, will be strengthened, allowing it to better redistribute the blood within your body, and to be also in better health, thus reducing the risks of cardiovascular accidents. Your breath will also be greatly improved since your lungs will have to expand to meet the body's oxygen needs. You will understand, for the health, the bike has only advantages!

The trim: The hidden function of your shimano shifters

Who has never heard the unpleasant noise of a chain rubbing on the front derailleur. This noise is the first signal of a chain cross, but for a specific use, Shimano shifters are equipped with a little known feature: trim or trimming.

Anatomy of Shimano road levers

Each Shimano controller (right and left) are equipped with two levers:

A small lever inside (in black on the image) which serves to go down the speeds.
A large lever (aluminum color on the image), which is used to mount speeds but also to brake.
These two levers are activated by pivoting towards the inside of the handlebar: in the clockwise direction for the right lever (pinion), counterclockwise for the left lever (trays ).

What is the trimming function?
The trim is an unknown feature that prevents the chain from rubbing on the fork of the front derailleur .

It is activated from the left lever connected to the front derailleur and allows to slightly shift the fork inside or outside to avoid contact with the chain.

How to use the Shimano controller trim?
First of all, to use the Shimano lever trim, make sure your front derailleur is properly adjusted. The cable tension must be perfect for the trim to work.

The trim acting only on the front derailleur, so it is only with the left stick (that of the trays) that we will activate the trimming.

To use the trimming , simply operate the desired lever gently as for a "half speed".

To know which lever to use the trim , a simple rule: if you are on the small gables of the cassette, it is the big lever that must be activated and conversely, if you are on the big gears is the little lever that must be used.

The trim can be used on all transmissions with multiple trays: compact triple or double.

When to use trimming?
Some say they do not use the trim to avoid chain crossing and thus limit the wear of the transmission while maintaining optimum performance.

We, we assume that if this feature exists it is for it to be used. Obviously in a timely manner and with a perfectly tuned transmission (especially at the chain length).

In the following diagram, from the manual Shimano the manufacturer explains when to use the trimming. Lever A is the large lever on the left joystick. The lever B when it corresponds to the small lever.